iSclack report...

David Humphrey, owner said: 

"It is solidly made from durable plastic and the end which you hold to exert the levering force that pulls apart the phone is cushioned for comfortable use."


Cult of Mac & iSclack

Nicole Martinelli, blogger of Cult of Mac, spoke about iSclack in his post "5 Tips For Starting an iRepair Business":

"If you want to go into the repair business, you’re going to need the right kit, so consider which tools you’ll need for the bulk of your repairs and add that to your business plan, Wiens said."


iSclack review by ReplaceBase

The Replace Base, one of the biger phone parts supplier in UK report:

"Designed and manufactured in Italy The Dottorpod iSclack is the safest and easiest way to open an entire range of devices without causing any damage that other tools / opening methods can cause. "